SGA Youth & Family Services has developed a proven and innovative method called the Cycle of Opportunity®. This system helps break the cycle of adversity and provides families with the opportunities they need to change their lives and their communities. Family by family, block by block, the Cycle of Opportunity is creating sustainable community change, from generation to generation. The model builds strong foundations for families by providing a continuum of comprehensive services at every stage of life, from cradle to career. We focus on four main service areas: Parenting, Early Childhood Education, Education Supports, and Workforce Development. All of our programming falls under one of these categories. These services are key factors in preventing infant mortality, violence, school dropouts, and unemployment. We begin with prenatal care, supporting young parents, and ensuring their children are ready for kindergarten. We work with children at every grade level to help them succeed in and out of the classroom and transition to college or a career. This innovative model fosters resilience, instills hope, and helps individuals realize their potential.  


  • Assists youth in school, as well as those in the juvenile justice system, providing the social-emotional support they need to prevail over obstacles and live productive lives. 
  • Provides career training for young adults who are out of school, thus preparing tomorrow’s workforce while helping families earn living wages. 
  • Helps clients overcome immediate social, emotional and economic barriers while also laying the foundation for long-term success.