The first step in our Cycle of Opportunity® is Parenting. Many Chicago area communities we serve have high rates of infant mortality and low birthweight rates. We help expectant mothers in these areas obtain prenatal care to have healthy babies. We provide parents of young children with early childhood development guidance, parenting tips and safety assessments. Our parents learn and apply the necessary skills to be more effective in their roles.  

One of our parenting programs is the Midwest Healthy Start Initiative. This federally-funded program works with Chicago’s South side communities to reduce infant mortality, improve infant health and increase access to maternal and newborn care. We hold weekly breastfeeding education and support groups as well as “dancing for birth” classes. Some of the free services provided include prenatal care coordination, smoking cessation, health screening tools and behavioral health. This program educates the community about child development, effective parenting, HIV and STD’s, domestic violence, sickle cell disease and doulas.


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