SGA Youth & Family Services is committed to helping the most vulnerable and underserved populations in Chicago and surrounding suburbs overcome barriers and thrive. Since 1911, we’ve been at the forefront of addressing the challenges posed by our most impoverished communities. SGA serves youth and families in our own offices, in schools, and in hospitals across Chicagoland, mainly on the West and South sides of Chicago. In fiscal year 2021, SGA served more than 21,000 children, youth and families.  

Program evaluation is critical in assessing how well our services are performing and how they are changing the lives of individuals and families for the better. Our in-house Evaluations Department focuses on determining and measuring the effectiveness of our services. All SGA programs have established methodologies for the evaluation of program process and client outcomes. Each year we collect, monitor and evaluate data on several thousand individuals to measure clients’ progress toward achieving desired outcomes.  

Our Evaluations Department is also responsible for collecting and monitoring data for ongoing program improvements. The Department has the capacity to produce monthly, annual and funding-specific progress reports on well defined, measurable objectives.