March 12th-18th, 2023

A sincere thank you to our volunteers

Volunteers have to embody passion, positive energy, and integrity, and be reliable team players. SGA Youth & Family Services’ amazing volunteers have mastered those characteristics and much more.  Our volunteers have been committed to servicing their communities day in and day out, even throughout the pandemic. Their spirits remained high, and their service engagement was ongoing despite the shutdown. Our volunteers stayed connected with their RSVP Coaches and continue to reach new heights to make sure they are able to fill in the gap.

Last quarter our 214 dedicated volunteers provided 13,186 service hours. Our volunteers have participated in program workshops, community outreach, mentoring/tutoring kids, wellness checks, and helping at local food pantries all while creating a social life, caring for family or friends, maintaining individual health, and working full or part-time jobs.  Because of their service, we want to remind our volunteers that we care about them, let them know we are here to mentor, listen, help develop new skills and let our volunteers know we value their time and efforts.


Sincerely Grateful,

RSVP Team of SGA Youth & Family Services


Here are just a few highlights of RSVP volunteers in action!